28 Temmuz 2008

I'm Sick of This...

Been thinking... Having lived in the States for 8 years now, especially in more conservative states like Montana and Wisconsin, I had many fabulous friends who were also very religious. I have been engaged in many many discussions (sending my love to Brandon Lynde from here; we had countless talks) about religions; but mostly Christianity and Islam. It is crisp clear that there is a BIG chunk of people on all sides who is well under-educated about other religions. Of course, today's so-called Islamist aggression toward the west and a great(!) history of crusades, which still have supporters even today, do not help the situation. Lack of education is the worst thing because anything negative that happens will put them further away from learning the real truth.

There are countless studies that show the similarities between the monotheist religions. This even more true for Roman Catholicism and Islam. This reminds me the conflict between Greece and Turkey. Take out politics, religion, and language, they are absolutely the same! But yet, somebody continuously tries to light a fire under them. Ridiculious! It is clear that chaos and disorder works for some people and religion is a very convinient tool for that purpose since it is not tangible and for that matter provable; hence it's called a "belief". What better way to trigger aggression between the world's two great powers? Sadly most people fall into this trap.

Pope in Turkey
There are significant efforts to build the bridges but it's like the 80-20 effect where the minoritiy of both sides is making the bigger fuss. I know as a fact that what people see of Islam today IS NOT what it really is. People are picking certain lines from Koran to rationalize the idiot-ness going on today; we all know that rationalizing something is much easier than building arguments from scratch. I also know that any other religion that is monotheist is no evil. No body has to like or follow anything as long as they RESPECT it. People are reading things the way they want to, but in reality what the books say can be completely different then their interpretations. But understanding what the books really say is just not convinient for some.

We need put everything in the right perspective and analyze that way. Not all Germans are Nazi's, nor the German constitution is brutal, not all Christians are crusaders, not it's a violent religion, not all Muslims are killers, nor the Koran tells them to. I can assure you, a book that strictly forbids even killing an ant, will not tolerate what's going on today. Like all of the other religions, Islam has its own issues which are not caused by the Koran itself but the people who are following/interpreting it, and it's hurting the real religion itself. Catholicism had its own dark years but it past, now it's time for Islam to go thru those years, that's all. It's part of the life cycle... It's just sad, very sad. Religion is something that individuals believe in and are responsible to a higher power, but today it has become extremely political and a factor or separation. And, I'm sick of this... We've done it before; we can do it again...

Ps. There is so much to say about this but... oh well...

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